Hello! I’m Lauren, nice to meet ya!

I’m a Chicagoland-based photographer available for travel. I take pictures of people, nature and all of life. I am currently attending Columbia College Chicago for photography (with one class left to go!). Photography has been a part of me my entire life, my first word was light! My number one item to pack on family vacations was a camera. And my first film camera, a Minolta, was broken when my Mom gave it to me, which I took apart and fixed myself.

I’m a total dog Mom. I have an Australian Cattle Dog named Eco. She’s a spotty dotty with perky ears and always up for an adventure… and you know we love adventures!

I’m also a Disc Golf photographer. For over ten years I have photographed disc golf tournaments across the U.S. from local leagues to majors and have been featured in various media outlets. I also love to play, more casual rounds these days than competitively.

I’m a triathlete. I love the thrill of the water and land races. Not on a competitive level, but just doing it at your own pace. I’m the one out there going off course and swimming out to sea, but I love the feeling of the cold water and the moment I hit a meditative stride.

The quirky things: I love surf films and documentaries, I drink an absurd amount of tea, I’m a fisherman’s daughter and I save worms from sidewalks when it rains. I’m a glorified fish, if I could live in water I would. I am obsessed with maps and I love a good road trip. I love all kinds of music but get hung up on the Jack Johnson, soulful rock folk-type music the most. I love NPR radio, podcasts and books on tape, pretty much anything with true life story.