Jeannette + Kevin

I couldn't have been more excited about photographing Jeannette and Kevin's wedding. Jeannette and I grew up together and we've known each other since I was in 3rd grade and she was in 2nd. We lived three doors down from each other so when the ladies decided to get ready at her parents house it brought back a flood of memories.

They got married at the Carol Stream VFW in late July. The weather was amazing, 80 degrees and sunny with a light breeze. This is a family that is creative in every detail. Even Jeannette's veil was DIY (do-it-yourself), she found the studded rhinestone belt buckle piece at a thrift shop and attached a pick and the veil material to it. Molly, the flower girl, had homemade pink slip on booties from Grandma. But there's so much more, and this vintage wedding with a retro bride was just down right fun and laid back. I couldn't be more happy for this couple. Cheers to you Jeannette and Kevin!

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