Jomez Final 9 at Dellwood Park

I first heard about the JOMEZ Final 9 event that took place at Dellwood today weeks and weeks ago. It was an event that I knew I wouldn’t want to miss and quickly marked it on my calendar.  What I love about events like this is its for all levels. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro. Player’s received a commemorative t-shirt and disc for their $25 entry fee. But what I think made this event more special than anything else was the JOMEZ crew, giving the fans a chance to be in their epic video coverage. After talking to a few of the player’s they were just so excited to be there and some of them had never witnessed what it’s like to see a production like this put together in real time, and to witness that the individuals behind the lens are real people.

Being a part of this and talking one-on-one with disc golfers always keeps me grounded, and to be honest, its energizing and pushes me forward to create more. When you work tirelessly and don’t necessarily see the other side of what you’re doing its difficult mentally to continue. Seeing the engagement between the players and fans at this event has lit spark in my heart and I hope you enjoy my coverage from this historic day.

People always ask me the numbers, how many pictures did you take? And its not something that I connect with, I just try to do my best and not think about it or how many hours I’ve spent out there plus editing. But here it goes… 1,529 raw photos, I arrived at the course at 9:10ish and left at 6:30ish (and posted these at 11:30pm). Showing you 250 of the best.

And since it was so hot out that day the consumables included: 3/4 gallon of water mixed with 3 Gatorade's (courtesy of Dellwood Disc Golf), 1 veggie taco and a side of rice from the best local taco joint (Burrito Habanero), granola bar, a PayDay bar and a $4 Chaco Taco from the ice cream man. 

I have to give a big shout out to the JOMEZ crew for coming out and our gracious hosts, Sean and Shelia Callahan of the Dellwood Disc Golf pro shop for having on such a great event that will surely be remembered. 

The is just a small segment of the history of the disc golf and my life as a disc golf photographer. These are stories that I've wanted to tell for a long time. **If you see a photo here that you would like to use for your own personal purpose because there is a personal connection that you have with these moments, it is okay to post on social but please do not edit them. Photo credit: LEL Photography. "PC: @LELPhotography" and tag me. I’m on social as @lelphotography on all platforms. I'd love to hear your story and what these moments meant to you.** For commercial inquiries please e-mail me

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