Experimental Techniques

In my Spring Semester of 2018 at Columbia College I took a class call that reached my core creatively: Experimental Techniques. We learned three processes where we had to apply photographic emulsion to a surface which included: Cyanotypes, Van Dyke Brown and Rollei emulsion (for tin types and other surfaces). It felt so great to be back in the darkroom working again. I get lost in process and transformation of the unknown in the darkroom. These images are a look into my final project for the class. For me, the things that I love most are the mistakes and imperfections that are unique on their own. This collection of images are some of my personal favorite nature photography and disc golf shots from over the years, all of the images were originally taken using a digital camera and I created the negatives through Photoshop and printed them on transparent film.

Compass Plant.jpg
Belmont Prairie Sunset 2.jpg
Crater Lake Wildflowers.jpg
Crater Lake Jeweled Wildflower.jpg
High Bridge Disc Golf.jpg
Disc Golf Reflection.jpg
Grass and Droplets Tin Type.jpg
Flower Contrast.jpg
Crater Lake Wildflowers Tin Type.jpg
Starry Night Disc Golf.jpg
Water Reeds.jpg
CKB Silhouette.jpg
Fermi Lab.jpg
West Chicago.jpg
Oregon Pine.jpg
Belmont Prairie Wildflower.jpg
LEL Crater Lake.jpg
Belmont Prairie Sunset.jpg
Belmont Prairie.jpg
Disc Golf Basket Glow.jpg
Flower Highlight.jpg
Starved Rock Milipede.jpg
KLM Disc Golf Park.jpg
Wheat Sunset.jpg
Winter's Edge.jpg
Morton Basket.jpg
Glowing Grasses.jpg

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